Our Online Payday Loans Offer Convenient 3-Month Repayment Terms


Browsing the news and comparing the different lenders in the market, to find the best financial solution to overcome the financial crisis, a potential borrower might find the description of a 3-month loan as the better of worst one. The majority of advanced borrowers acknowledge the fact that payday loans must only be taken out as a last resort. In another case, urgent cash will turn into a nightmare with extra fees and penalties. A person is always liable to pay back the loan. The lender even can take the debtor to court to recover their debt from any assets the debtor has.


Before considering applying for a 3-month loan, be aware of:

  • High-interest rates. The annual percentage rate is up to 400% depending on the lender. Fees also can vary from lender to lender
  • Overdraft might be seen as an advantage. But on the other side, in case a borrower doesn’t make the repayment, it will lead to more fees.
  • Some lenders claim the possibility to improve one’s credit score in case all payments will be made in time. On the other side, payday lenders very rarely report any payment information at all.
  • More time to pay the loan off, in comparison with traditional 1-month loans. Extension of repayment period might be of great help, but payday loans, unlike installment loans, are supposed to be paid off all at once.
  • Same day Payday Loan funding.


Since lenders don’t count on the borrower’s credit history as a primary way of calculating whether a loan will be paid back, bad credit borrowers also will be accepted. Of course one has to provide the lender a lot of personal information to go through the application process. As a rule, lenders look at such factors as a person’s monthly income and outgoings. It’s essential to be honest filling out this information, as it determines one’s chances of getting accepted for a quick bad credit Payday loan. Moreover, the main eligibility criteria below should be fulfilled:

  • Be at least 18
  • Have an active bank account
  • Proof a steady source of income
  • Residence in an eligible state

After the online Payday Loan application form is submitted, it will be instant pre-approved, and the lender’s customer service team will contact a borrower to ask whether it is convenient to finish the application process online or in-store.

3-month payday loans approved by direct lenders are considered to give quick access to cash. Once approved, the cash could be sent within minutes. In fact, the processing time depends on the amount one wants to borrow, and the process used by a bank that is outside of the lender’s control.

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